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The pain, the pain!!!! 
I've spent the last two Days surfing youtube after anime Movies that i would like to buy and i found something that's pretty much universal.
99.87% of all English dubbed anime is frikking horrid!!!!!! a dreadful torment, a grating painful experience upon my poor violated ears!!!
I mean seriously!! Is it to much to ask that when a English Company buy the rights to a anime that they atleast bring in SOME voice actors who actully tries to stay true to the character that they are supposed to represent!? GUH!! all i hear is souless monotonous rumbling, they don't put any energy to their characters whatsoever, and the voice actors that atleast try to add some energy sounds like squeaky teens that just enterd puberty!!! I also LOVE the fact that they get an middle aged woman to make the voice of a teenage girl, i've seen or rather Heard that in SEVERAL series/Movies. 
And will you stop frikking changing the Music!! Why do they ALWAYS change the frikking Music!!?? Dragonball is a prime exampel of that! The original japanese theme is great, but the English version have this wierd rock like theme instead, why did they change it!? Don't they realise that they are showing an IMMENSE Disrespect towards the original by doing that? I have noproblems with them singing the original song in English as long as they put some effort into it, but don't frikking change the Music!!!!!

*Sigh* The sad part is that this whole "horrid dubbing" is not something only English speaking countries do, during the 80's and the 90's the Swedish dubbed cartoons were actully acceptable, but now.........
Earlier i saw a Swedish version of My Little pony and Avatar the last airbender......and a part of me died.
While i am horrified by how horrible English dubbed anime is, that's NOTHING in comparison of the pure utter GARBAGE!!!!!!!! that is Swedish dubbed cartoons, NEVER have i seen entire episodes of characters that hold the exact same monotonous tone throu an entire episode!! I mean it was like Raven from Teen Titans were the one making the voices for the entire cast!! And the way they were BUTCHERING all the names!!! Sweet sweet lord make it stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, my Point to all of you BUTCHERS that work for companies that dub anime and cartoons, either you put some FRIKKING EFFORT into it and make the English/Swedish voice actors actully SOUND and ACT like the originals, or you frikking don't bother trying to dub it at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tobias Asplund
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