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June 26, 2006
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Raven VS Mandy by Aslan1 Raven VS Mandy by Aslan1
Eversince i saw the first episode of "The grim adventures of Billy and Mandy" i wanted to do a crossover with it with TT, and here it is.

Raven and Mandy were just sitting down and having a nice dark chat about everything and nothing, and apparently seemed to have somewhat of a good time, until they both claimed that one of their friends were the biggest idiot on the face of the earth, suprisingly enough both seemed to take great pride claiming to know the biggest idiot ever, so it was only a matter of time until their quiet conversation had turned out to a full blown argument.

Two of THE scariest female cartoon characters ever at each others throaths..........god have mercy on all our souls, armageddon is like a fresh spring breeeze compared to this.

"Oh, and i think it should be FAIRLY obvious who they are talking about" *coughBillyandBeastBoycough*

The main reason for me to draw a pic of Raven and Mandy arguing came from this clip.

Anyway, i heard that there was one more clip from Cartoon Network where Raven and Mandy sit side by side on a subway, and that their conversation goes something like this
Mandy:....well, it was nice talking with you.
Raven: Whatever...

If anybody knows where i can locate that clip then PLEASE tell me where it is, i sooooo want to see it!

Raven is the property of DC comics and Warner Brothers, Mandy is the property of Maxwell Atoms and Cartoon Network.
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i like how you styled raven and mandy to look at each other with angered expressions instead of just having them sit next to each other without looking as do much of the are i see. I also like how you took mandys height into account and put boxes under her so she could argut properly. You look like you put effort into making the styles that they wear and their hairstyles that is almost the exact same as the originals. Your artwork is very good, and i respect it. btw, can you check out my mandy? Thanks4 ur drawing.
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Critique by Nergal-Jr-Lover Dec 30, 2012, 7:48:06 PM
i LOVE how you drew them going at each other instead of just sitting there, and also the fact that you did it with the 2 scariest girls on TV-you can only imagine how it ends up! i also love the fact that Mandy's standing on boxes and straining to be taller- it helps give her the 'bigger' factor in the fight. I also think Mandy wins this fight, though it is pretty close. I really have nothing to complain about with this because its FREAKIN AMAYZIN!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love your say on some of my pics (mainly Mandy/Nergal Jr) ...........
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This just completed me!
Glad to hear it. =D
1nvader-M1L4 Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Raven is half demon, and couldn't be defeated. Mandy, however, is a girl that is also impossible to defeat, too.

It may as well be set aside that it might be a tie if they ever were in an actual battle.
All i know that if those two started to butt heads....the damage to the surrounding areas would be immense.
Same voice actress right?
I thought so in the beginning as well, but from what i have Heard it's not Tara Stone that does the voice for Mandy.
Ha! I believe that amndy likes billy though! I know raven atleast has a deep friendship with bbeastboy. BBut i wished it wws more.

Mandy would totally win. What would make this funnier was if they was watching this eating popcorn not knowing who the girls are talking about.:-) :):):)
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